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Collect files from customers of your print shop

Let your customers upload all the needed order details directly to your Drive. Save yourself and your customers time, reduce costs, make your work efficient.

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Files directly to Google Drive

Receive any files you want directly to your Google Drive.

No more waiting for emails

Forget about lost emails and reach a new level of efficiency.

Unlimited upload size

No more struggling with size limits, we are unlimited and for free.

Automatically organized projects

The uploaded data is automatically organized to the correct projects.

Ask for print order details

To make your customer's request complete, additional information such as name, contact details, or order number is required. Design your own form and ask your customers anything you need.

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Receive only file types you want

Define the list of what files can people upload you and set a maximum upload size if needed. No more inappropriate file types from customers on your Drive.

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Save time and resources spent on collecting files

Receive orders or printing materials directly to your Drive and save time and costs.

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Collect up to 50 % more files

Receiving files directly to Drive saves you an average of fifty percent of your time by eliminating the need to communicate with customers and manipulate data in emails.

Get extra time
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Setup in a minute

Setup an uploader with your own brand and inputs without the need for coding. Everything is intuitive and you can do it on your own without the IT specialist.

How to create an uploader

Print order system with your branding

Add DriveUploader to your checkout or request estimate process. Organize each task into its own folder by time, name, or order ID. Create your own data storage structure and collect everything you need from your website directly to your Google Drive.

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Free to use

We offer an upload with no file size limit for free..

No installation or login

People need to know only a web link for uploading files.

More secure than email

We don't store files on our servers. Everything goes directly to your Google Drive via HTTPS.

Component with API

Our API and webhooks enable you to build custom logic on your servers.

DriveUploader helps us to make uploading files for customers easy and fast.

Neil Kumar, Baboo Digital

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User case study

DriveUploader's upload solution saved on average 30 minutes per print order on handling the customer files. Baboo Digital staff reduced by 50% significantly manual file intake and communication time per contract. Survey on satisfaction showed that customers love the uploader user interface.

Suitable for any print product

Our tool can be used across all printings. It is useful for communicate with customers or within your team. No matter what files or information you need, if you want to collect data, we can handle any file type of any size.

Commercial Apparel Wide format Gift and others
Book covers
Book marks
Business cards
Greeting cards
ID cards
Invitation cards
Menu cards
Promotional cards
Resume papers
Roll ups
Art prints
Posters and banners
Yard signs
Phone cases

Do you work with anything we haven't mentioned? Upload it and we'll deal with it!

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