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Collect photos from wedding guests

Are you an engaged couple or a wedding planner looking for a convenient and efficient way to collect photos from wedding guests? Look no further! DriveUploader is the ultimate solution that simplifies the process, ensuring you capture every memory from the big day.

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How does it work?

Anyone can manage DriveUploader! Check the steps below.

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Create an account for free

Sign up for DriveUploader and set up your unique account in just a few simple steps. It takes seconds and it's free!

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Customize and brand your upload page

Customize the upload page with your names, colors, and branding elements. Also, you can add instructions how to upload to make it as much easy as possible for wedding guests.

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Share the uploader

Easily share the customized upload link with your wedding guests via email, social media, or printed materials.

Tip: Print the cards with QR code.

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Guests upload directly to your Drive

Wedding guests can effortlessly upload their photos or videos directly to the designated album, ensuring all the beautiful memories are captured in one place.

Tip: Attach a form and ask guests anything.

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Enjoy the memories

Once the wedding is over, conveniently access and download all the uploaded photos from Google Drive to create stunning albums, slideshows, or share them with your family.

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In preparation for our wedding, we were concerned about how to get photos from so many guests. Luckily, we came across DriveUploader, which made it easier to collect photos from the entire wedding. Everything was simple, quick to set up and very intuitive for our guests.
Tomas Pohanka, married since 2023
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Focus only on your big day

Simplify Photo Collection

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually gathering photos and videos from countless wedding guests. We allow you to effortlessly collect all the precious moments captured by your friends and family. It's perfect to use our app throughout the entire event, from preparation to the grand finale.

Time and Cost Saving

By automating the photo collection process, we allow you to focus on an exceptional wedding experience.


Seamless Guest Experience

Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for wedding guests, making it easy for them to share their photos, videos, and experiences directly with you. Surprise your guests with something out of the ordinary!

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