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People can send you large files from their computer simply by visiting a website and using drag&drop into their web browser. Files are saved in your Google Drive™.

Free to use

The service runs completely free of charge. Every free upload page you create is valid for 1 day.

No limits on file size

With DriveUploader it is possible to transfer files with a very large size – up to hundreds of gigabytes each, as long as the data fits to the storage plan of your Google Drive™.

No logins to upload

There is no need to install any software or create accounts for people who are uploading. By sending a link you invite others to upload files directly to your Google Drive™.


The transfer of files, even confidential documents, via DriveUploader is more secure than submitting an email because we use HTTPS and data are stored in your account directly!

Folder upload PLUS

Single files, multiple files, and even folders with all subfolders can be transferred via DriveUploader.

Your branding PLUS

With a paid plan you can provide a logo for the uploader page – so your customers and web visitors see your brand and no ads. Our design editor allows you to customize an iFrame design that you can embed in your website.

Use in your website PLUS

Paid Drive Uploader allows an easy integration with your existing websites, blogs or Facebook page via embedding. Just copy&paste a prepared code.

Form builder PRO

Design your own form in each uploader and collect the exact data you need. DriveUploader offers usual inputs like short text, long text, dropdown, checkboxes, and multiple choice.

Component with API PRO

Are you developing an online service which accepts images, videos or other large files and do processing with a custom logic on your servers? Our API and webhooks can help you!