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A simple way to upload a large video from the church

How to get data from multiple people? With the uploader, you can let visitors upload large files directly to your Google Drive by sharing with them one link or inserting a widget into your website.

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Record your ceremony

More and more churches and religious institutions are sharing their events for people who cannot attend. Give attandees an easy way how to share their photos and videos with the community. Especially today, in the pandemic of COVID-19, recordings are the only way for many people to participate in religious events.


Get recordings from your community and post a pastor's sermon online

Many interesting recordings are also made by visitors instead of a prepared and expensive professional cameraman. Share an uploader link to a calendar event as a note and let visitors upload videos from the ceremony to your Google Drive for free!

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Application, wedding, or evensong

We offer solution for every file type of any size that you can store in Google Drive. Our service opens many opportunities, and adapts to your needs.

For example, you can collect fulfilled applications and more, online directly to your Google Drive. It saves you a lot of time, papers, and protects our enviroment. Check our plans and choose one that fits you best.

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„We DriveUploader mostly so that the Pastor could upload his sermons that I edit for online services. These are large files and it is better using DriveUploader than sending them directly to the Google Drive. I also allow other members of the congregation to upload videos for the services.“

Dr. Maryam McCallum, The Lighthouse Christian Church

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