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December 12th, 2023

Why use videos in Real Estate?

Have you been flirting with the idea of taking your presentation skills to another level? The video is what you need. Definitely. Why start, what to watch out for and is it worth investing in videos? This article answers your questions and provides you with best practices.

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Advance Your Presentations

The real estate market is demanding and realtors have to master many seemingly unrelated skills. Constantly improving the ability to engage, inform, and impress clients. But at the same time, to appear serious and convey all relevant information clearly and understandably. It's a show that changes genre every moment.

The perfect way to be successful on this show is video, which opens up many opportunities for communication. And if you focus on the right details, you can become a legend in the real estate industry.

Create an Emotional Connection

Videos increase emotional connection by tapping into the power of visual and auditory storytelling, which engages viewers on a deeper level than static images or text descriptions. How to get the best result?

  • Capturing atmosphere: By showing the property in different lighting conditions, at various times of day, or even during different seasons, videos convey the mood and lifestyle associated with the home. This emotional resonance helps viewers connect with the property on a more profound level.
  • Storytelling: Videos enable us to tell a story about the property and its surrounding area. You can highlight the unique features, history, and lifestyle aspects of the property, which can emotionally resonate with potential buyers. Stories should engage viewers and make them feel a part of the narrative.
  • Music and narration: Background music, narration, or commentary in videos evoke emotions and create a strong sense of connection. Don't underestimate the choice of music and the tone of the narration.
  • Showcasing neighborhood: It's great to include shots of the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and the local community. This not only provides information but also helps potential buyers picture themselves as part of that community.
  • Personalization: Personalize videos to address the specific needs and desires of potential buyers. This tailored approach including all details helps viewers see how the property aligns with their lifestyle.

Be Transparent and Build Trust

Okay, being transparent and trustworthy is essential and videos can greatly help in fulfilling these values. Static photos give only a basic idea and unfortunately do not inspire much confidence because of the easy possibility of hiding inappropriate places or using filters.

Unlike static images, videos provide a more realistic representation of a property. Buyers appreciate seeing the property from different angles and understanding its condition. This reduces the likelihood of misconceptions or disappointments when buyers visit the property in person. Behaving like that leads to smoother transactions and fewer surprises during inspections.

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Don’t Forget the Socials

Many of us check socials daily, maybe hourly. So it would not be a surprise for you that video property offer content tends to attract more attention and engagement especially when we are talking about socials like Instagram.

In this age, you can't be scared of using social platforms, it's the holy grail of marketing! Do you know a better place to reach so many people for free? Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have billions of monthly active users - take a camera and sell them your properties.

Also, utilizing video in real estate sets you apart from competitors who rely solely on photos and written descriptions. It signals that you're committed to providing the best possible experience for your clients, which can be a strong bargaining point for your services.

Time Is Money

Time is the most important commodity we have and no one wants to waste it. Video can help save time both the agent's and the client's time, how? Video can help reduce the number of physical property showings! Videos provide comprehensive property tours, allowing potential buyers to virtually explore the entire property. This reduces the need for physical property showings, which can be time-consuming not only for agents.

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Imagine trying to sell to remote buyers. Giving them online video tours of properties without having to travel is priceless. In addition to time, the client also saves money and who wouldn't want to save money? Another way to save time is by collecting real estate data from buyers including contracts online. If you improve offered services, your negotiating position will be stronger.

Not Filming Yet?

Advanced presentation of the property and myself, deep connection with buyers, 24/7 video available, increased transparency, time savings for both and I can go on and on. Getting started may not be easy, but investing time in video is definitely worth it these days and is slowly becoming a necessity.

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Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie is a talented freelance writer with a passion for crafting compelling content. With a keen eye for detail and a creative flair, she specializes in producing engaging articles, blog posts, and marketing copy.

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