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November 24th, 2023

DriveUploader at SXSW Sydney

SXSW Sydney event connects top innovators in the fields of technology, innovation, music, screen, and games during this immersive week-long experience. DriveUploader debuted at SXSW Sydney in October 2023, where it was used by artists and creators in an interactive Web3 workshop to collect their AI artworks and distribute them in a custom-built Metaverse gallery on

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Led by Dr Jessica Priebe from the National Art School and award-winning Metaverse designer Simone Leonelli, participants were guided through a series of learning activities, including a live minting activation on Zora and creating AI artwork for the first SXSW Sydney Metaverse exhibition.

Using the mask feature on the Krea AI platform, attendees reimagined the SXSW logo with text prompts before uploading them into the Metaverse gallery via an embedded Uploader on the workshop website. Using their guest avatars, participants launched into the 3D virtual gallery and took part in activities and events while surrounded by their artworks.

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