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How the file uploader became a key part of Metaverse

Industry: Education
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
“DriveUploader is a key component of my AI, blockchain, and Metaverse university lectures and school workshops, which are taught via a Web3 curriculum, a first in Australia.”
Dr. Jessica Priebe
Founder of Arts3


Dr. Jessica Priebe serves as an art historian and lecturer at the National Art School, while also holding the role of advisor in emerging technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She leads workshops on AI art and the Metaverse in various settings, including schools, universities, museums, and organizations.

At the National Art School, Dr. Priebe teaches blockchain, AI, and Metaverse curation, utilizing a Web3 curriculum. Notably, this marks the first course of its kind within an Australian art institution.

In 2023, Dr. Jessica Priebe founded Arts3 that is a graduate of INCUBATE’s first-ever ProtoX: Arts Pre-Accelerator Program in collaboration with the Australia Council for the Arts.

“Arts3 is an education and creative agency dedicated to providing Web3 education and training for individuals within the arts and creative industries. I'm a strong believer in the power of collaboration so our specialization lies in bringing people together to share ideas and open up new discussions and experiences around art, technology, and education.”
Dr. Jessica Priebe
Founder of Arts3

Challenge: Connect art students and general public with Metaverse

As an art lecturer and modern technology enthusiast, Jessica couldn't pass up the opportunity to combine modern technologies such as AI, Metaverse, or blockchain with art. After thoroughly testing and exploring new possibilities, it was clear to Jessica that she wanted to pass on her newfound experience to her students and the general public, not only through words but also through the opportunity to try out the technologies for themself.

“I decided to create a gallery inside the Metaverse for course participants. They can upload their artwork, view each other's creations, and discuss art and modern technology. Everything in real time.”
Dr. Jessica Priebe
Founder of Arts3

Upload large artworks to Metaverse

If Jessica wanted to let others experience everything for themselves, it was necessary to ensure the upload process of artworks from the user directly into the Metaverse so they could interact with their work in real time.

Privacy compliance when collecting additional information about uploaded files

Jessica needed to gather additional information, such as the name of the artwork's author, and link it to the uploaded file so that Metaverse would display this additional information along with the artwork itself.

It's important to protect student data so the ability to tailor every field in the form is essential.

Rename files according to custom rules

When working with students, it was necessary to maintain a clear organizational structure within the repository so that Jessica was able to easily find the work of a particular student or class.

Intuitive environment to uploading

In educating students (K-12) and the general public, it was necessary to create a very easy and intuitive environment that would work quickly, reliably, and most importantly, in the background so as not to disrupt the teaching of technical innovations such as the Metaverse.

lesson with uploader

Solution: DriveUploader as a reliable background solution

DriveUploader met all of Jessica's requirements and suggested a free trial with a personal approach. This began a collaboration that met the goals very quickly.

Easy and fast integration

The unlimited online uploader can be easily integrated into a website by embedding an iFrame. In addition, the iFrame design can be customized using a clickable editor. And so Jessica integrated the uploaders in the desired colors with just a few clicks and no technical knowledge was required.

file uploader for arts

File uploader in a minute

Jessica chose as the ideal Metaverse for her use case. It's a handy platform for creating virtual events, and it also supports working with Google Drive, so there was no problem implementing DriveUploader in a few clicks.

All Jessica had to do was connect DriveUploader to Google Drive and fit the uploader to her requirements. After that, she started accepting large artworks from users right away.

Implementation of custom forms

Using Form Builder provided the ability to collect any data for each upload, which was the final step to creating a very efficient uploader. The data is stored in a Google Drive spreadsheet and can be used to automatically rename files by DriveUploader API or as labels in the Metaverse.

“For large groups, I run two uploaders and populate two Metaverse spaces at once. I then create portals so visitors can teleport between the galleries. I am happy to report that the nine-year-olds found the upload process and form builder easy to navigate.”
Dr. Jessica Priebe
Founder of Arts3

Result: The nine-year-olds found the upload process easy to navigate

Deploying the latest AI tools, Dr Priebe’s students create artworks that respond to the course readings and class discussions. The works are hung in a curated Metaverse gallery, allowing students to revisit key learnings in an immersive 3D virtual realm.

As of today, 100 % of artworks go through the system automatically and are visible in real-time for everyone in the Metaverse. Dr. Priebe has come up with an original and, most importantly, meaningful use that increases the abilities and horizons of her students. We are grateful to be part a part of this.

student in metaverse gallery
“We can deliver our courses exactly the way we want. It all begins with the successful upload through the uploaders. Great job!”
Dr. Jessica Priebe
Founder of Arts3

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