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Secure file upload for university

With DriveUploader, you can transfer data directly to your Google Drive without restrictions. The process is very simple for students, staff members, or parents and relatives.

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Gain more time to teach

Instead of manually handing in projects or assignments from students during class, save a lot of time by using online uploaders.

You can create an uploader for each of your lessons and share this link with your students or display it as a QR code before the lesson. Students can very quickly submit their work before the lesson starts, using their mobile phone or laptop. There is no need to create an account and log in anywhere for the students.

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Cover your campus with modern technology

Surprise your students with the modern way of collecting files and increase their engagement. Connect the data about the whole campus including students, teachers, staff, or parents to one cloud and make your work efficient.

DriveUploader allows you to collect data from anyone and automatically organize it inside Google Drive into folders exactly how you need it. The integration of DriveUploader is simple and fast. It takes just a few minutes even for non-technical users.

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Make academic and research collaboration efficient

With DriveUploader, you have the flexibility to transfer files of exceptionally large size, reaching up to hundreds of gigabytes each. The only limit is set by the size of your Google Drive. Digital all your documents and save your time and the environment.

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Upload staff & student data securely

Data transfer is as secure as it can be. Everything is uploaded directly to your Google Drive, with no in-between data storage on other servers. It is up to you who will have shared access to the stored data. Encryption during the upload process is a given.

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Don't waste time uploading projects, photos, source code or videos. No need to think about what data type your file is. With DriveUploader, you can upload anything you can think of without limitations.


Automate requests

Insert many uploaders into your website and let users upload documents directly to your Google Drive.


Boost university productivity

Admissions, human resources, and facilities staff can also upload documents.


Control your files

Organize important and confidential university, staff, and student documents in one drive.

How does it work?

Anyone can manage DriveUploader! Check steps below.

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Send the generated links
Secure upload via a web browser
Files appear in your Google Drive

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