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Allow sellers to upload property photos directly to your cloud

Stay a step ahead of other real estate agents, brokers, or realtors! Allow your clients to upload all their property information directly to your Google Drive.

No accounts needed for your clients
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Insert DriveUploader to your website or social media

Post the generated link for file collection on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or integrate the DriveUploader widget on your website. Integration with WordPress, Joomla, JQuery, React, and more.

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A secure solution for uploading contracts

Keep your clients safe. Once a bid is accepted, help your clients through the paperwork. DriveUploader is ready to deal with any type of file, even sending confidential documents.

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Collect bids from an auction sale

Negotiating with many prospective buyers for a property can end up as an auction sale. Work smart and let all interested parties upload their bids directly to your Google Drive. Each new upload will trigger an e-mail notification.

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„DriveUploader saves us at least half an hour on each file.“

The JUX Creative, Creative Content Production & Events

Anyone can upload photos using a drag&drop.

Free to use

DriveUploader for free.

No installations or login

People upload photos through the website browser.

How does it work?

Anyone can manage DriveUploader! Check steps below.

Create an uploader
Send the generated links
Secure upload via a web browser
Files appear in your Google Drive

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