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How The JUX Creative saves a half-hour per request for files

Creative Content Production & Events

The JUX Creative is a company that is divided into two parts. The first section of the company is working with creative content production that works with photo & video content. The second part of the company is targeting creating events and wedding florals.

"We film live events, send out camera kits for remote interviews, request files from clients and contractors and always need a way to get large files into our Google drive workflow without having to worry about permissions all the time."

Currently, The JUX Creative uses a FREE plan! They save a lot of time every day for free. But how their business is expanding, they know that they are going to need to start using a professional plan soon.

"Drive Uploader saves us at least a half-hour per request for files."

One of the best things about Drive Uploader. It does not just save your time it saves your clients time too! In addition, working with Drive Uploader is so easy. Your clients just upload files via web browser without any registration or login.

"We love how Drive Uploader works because it keeps it simple for my clients and contractors to upload footage into one area for me to find."

Drive Uploader offers one FREE plan and two paid plans. It means Drive Uploader is for everyone who appreciates their time and wants to spend it better than doing useless work.

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