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How Baboo Digital makes uploading files for customers easy and fast

Fine Art Printing & Graphics Solutions

From large format photo printing to environmental graphics and everything in between, Baboo Digital in NYC has what you need.

Since 1977, the Baboo team will walk you through your all project from idea to realization. If you want to offer clean and high-quality results, you need to be in close contact with your clients. It contains frequent exchange of small or large files.

"Drive uploader helps us to make uploading files for customers easy and fast."

Drive Uploader ideally helps Baboo‘s crew to make a cooperation with clients much easier. Thanks to the Drive Uploader service Baboo‘s clients can upload files direct to Baboo‘s Google Drive storage, which saves a lot of time and trouble on both sides.

How the Drive Uploader helps?

Baboo needs many large files from their clients, and the easiest way to collect them is through Drive Uploader. You do not have to handle files via e-mails or to receive a many links from a third party applications from clients. In that way, Drive Uploader enables an easy-use iframe that you just embedded into your website.

file upload

Embedded Drive Uploader's iframe into Badoo's website.

Simple solution for both sides. Clients can upload big files through an iframe on your website directly to your Google Drive and do not need to find a way to send you large files. On Baboo‘s side, it saves a lot of time from collecting files from clients and saving them to Google Drive.

In addition, Drive Uploader offers to ask for additional information before uploading or upload multiple files. For demanding users are prepared methods for setting custom metadata, subfolders, and much more via webhooks, or JavaScript API.

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