Frequently Asked Questions

How is the validity of DriveUploader link? Can I adjust it?

The validity of the link depends on the plan you have. With the FREE plan, the validity is 3 days. With the PLUS/PRO plan, you can adjust the expiration - On your dashboard click on “Configure expiration”.

Can I choose where I need the files to be uploaded to my Google Drive™?

Yes, you can do it when creating your DriveUploader! Just give a name to a new folder or select one of the existing folders from your Google Drive™.

How can I find the uploaded files in my Google Drive™?

From the dashboard you can easily go to the folder which is relevant to the specific DriveUploader. Under each DriveUploader detail, there is a report about usage and number of uploads with a link to the folder in your Google Drive™.

Is there any size limit on the files that users can upload to my Google Drive™ through DriveUploader?

There is no upload size limit. The only technical limit is available disk size on your Google Drive™ account. Google offers an unlimited plan. If you want to set a limit on the size of the file which people can upload, you can do that in your web application which is using the DriveUploader via the JavaScript API.

I am trying to create several different Uploaders, but they do not appear on my drive. Everything is going into the same folder. How do I get a different folder for different uploaders?

When creating the uploader, you have to choose "Advanced settings" to create (or give it the name) the folder you wish to upload the files into.

Can I receive notifications when someone submits a file?

Yes, just select “Send me a notification after upload” when creating your DriveUploader.

Can I customize the notification email for my customers?

Yes, on your dashboard, just click on the relevant DriveUploader and select “Email”. You can adjust the notification email and send it to your customers directly.

Can set my DriveUploader to accept only selected file types?

Yes, when creating your DriveUploader, you can choose which file types you wish to receive (images, documents or custom file types).

Can I request an email address as obligatory information before each upload?

Yes, you can select this option when creating your DriveUploader.

How can I embed my DriveUploader into my website?

You can embed the DriveUploader into your website using an iFrame or with the JavaScript API, which gives you better control over the integration. Also, take a look at the JavaScript API examples.

I'm trying to use the iframe on my website, and it doesn't work. It says "Embedding of this upload form is not allowed!”

You have to enable this function (for security reasons) - just go to the dashboard, click on “Edit” in the relevant DriveUploader and select “Embed” - you can enable this function there.

How can I add my logo to my DriveUploader?

With the PLUS/PRO plan, you can easily add the logo to your DriveUploader. Just go to "My Uploaders" and click on "Add logo for uploaders".

How can I remove the advertisement on my upload page?

There is no advertisement for DriveUploaders under higher plans.

We need a mass video upload to Google Drive™. Do we need FTP client?

Feel free to use our DriveUploader API. Your customers can upload multi-gigabyte files without problems. No need for FTP clients - just a web browser.